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System Operations

System Operations

Ensuring that the right crewmembers and aircraft are in place to run each of our flights every day requires agile coordination and fluid communication across departments and teams. System Operations (Sys Ops) crewmembers manage the daily operations of the airline–including crew and aircraft scheduling and planning, dispatch and maintenance control.
Some Sys Ops teams monitor the operation as a whole, while others are focused on specific regions, flights, or equipment. No matter the role, Sys Ops crewmembers are detail-oriented team players who communicate clearly and perform under pressure.

Where the Jobs Are

All System Operations positions are located in the Systems Operations Center (SOC) within our Long Island City Support Center (LSC) in New York City.

Long Island City Support Center

Getting Hired

  1. Review the job description to be sure that you meet the minimum qualifications of the role.
  2. Submit your application online.
  3. you may be selected for a brief phone interview.
  4. If that goes well, you may be asked to complete an in-person, competency-based assessment. If you pass, you’ll be invited to participate in a panel interview to learn more about the job and share your skills and experiences.
  5. If selected, candidates must pass a background screening before receiving a formal job offer.
  6. Once cleared, crewmembers are scheduled to attend new hire orientation and training at JetBlue University in Orlando!
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