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Support Center

Support Center (Corporate)

Support Center crewmembers are the people behind the scenes who support our frontline crewmembers in the day-to-day operation. From communications to finance, human resources and marketing,  the folks in these roles are committed to helping our people–and our business–soar!

Jetblue Support

Where the Jobs Are

JetBlue has three Support Centers:

Long Island City Support Center (LSC) in New York City is where crewmembers work across many traditionally corporate business departments to support a successful business and operation.

Orlando Support Center (OSC) in Florida is a center of learning at JetBlue, and home of JetBlue University, our training facility where all new crewmembers go for orientation, and where frontline crewmembers train before stepping-in to their roles

Salt Lake City Support Center (SSC) in Utah supports our work-from-home Customer Support department.


Getting Hired

  1. Review the job description to be sure that you meet the minimum qualifications of the role.
  2. Submit your online application.
  3. You may be selected for a brief phone interview.
  4. Attend an in-person interview to share more about your skills and experience and learn about our JetBlue culture and the duties of the role
  5. If selected, candidates must pass a background screening before receiving a formal job offer.
  6. Once cleared, crewmembers are scheduled to attend new hire orientation  at JetBlue University in Orlando!
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